The term originates from the words “education” and “technology” and summarizes a trend of the market that aims to innovate educational methodologies through technological resources.



It is estimated that the global market for EdTech grows 17% each year, reaching US$ 252 billion in revenues up to 2020, according to EdTechXGlobal report of 2016.



The technology enables large-scale qualification, with real-time performance and engagement tracking.

Costs are lower, around 50 % to 70%, if compared to traditional education, since the investments in personnel, infrastructure, commuting, food, supplies, and such decrease.



The education of the future will be portable, personalized and ubiquitous. The learning in the future will increasingly be in the hands of the students. All of them will have control over what, when, where and how to learn.

More about DOT digital group


EdTech (Education Technology) solutions specialist. The DOT portfolio has digital solutions such as: Distance Education, Mobile Learning, Gamification and Games, Simulators and Interactive Systems, Corporate Social Networks and Student Search.


With more than 20 years of experience and with clients such as World Bank, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, TIVIT, Vale, Martins Group, CNA, Monsanto, Ibmec, Banco do Brasil Insurance Group and Mapfre, among many others. We are one of the largest national groups of distance education, having trained more than 5 million people throughout Brazil.